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ASHTANGA was founded in 1936 by the Late Aryavaidyan K.S.Varier, from the Kottakkal School, Kerala. Ashtanga had a humble beginning and has grown over the years. Ashtanga today has made a strong base in Clinical Ayurveda spearheaded by the Founder's sons.

Ashtanga manufactures more than 220 formulations. Classical products include various Oils, Kashayams, Arishtams, Asavams, Choornams, Gulikas, Grithams, Lehyams, Rasakriyas, etc. With the experience gained in Traditional medicine manufacture, coupled with the Clinical exposures over the years, ASHTANGA has developed a lot of expertise in formulating new products.

Treatments and Related Services

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Treatment under Ayurveda first seeks to determine the constitution of the persons body; the emphasis is on the patient rather than the disease. It is believed that the same disease might appear in different forms in two people because their body constitution is different. This difference in constitution makes a difference in the treatment for both the people though the disease might be the same. This difference in treatment methods according to the constitution is essential for bringing back the natural balance of the doshas. Thus, understanding of ones constitution helps one to have a life style that is ideal for his constitution, and consequently optimise his health.