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What is stress?
It is an emotional or physical tension.

What does it do?
In short bursts, it might not be harmful but long term stress with or without emotional outbursts can be essentially the best concoction for trouble.

What kind of trouble?
Of course, the body has been made in such a way that it has all the shock absorbers in the right places set in, to absorb most of the abuse you do to it. But when stress stays in your system for a long time, stress starts showing up its ugly head in the form of many disorders both physical and mental.

Ayurveda clearly states that “Health is a situation where there is optimal functioning of the physiological aspects of the body along with the bliss of the Mind, Body and Soul”.

Even WHO states “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Some of the physical disorders attributed to long term stress are Obesity, Asthma, Diabetes, Hypertension, Headache, Sleeplessness, Loss of Appetite and Gastro-intestinal disorders.

Some of the mental disorders associated with long term stress can be Confusion, Anxiety, Heightened sense of fear, Depression, Suicidal tendencies and (believe it or not) even Alzheimer’s Disease.

These days, the lifestyle, we are all exposed to, is filled with stress  due to long term sedentary nature of the jobs we do. The heightened sense of unhealthy competition and the constant need to outperform oneself has made matters worse. This just puts us in a vicious cycle of stress leading to non-optimal performance which again leads to stress. Thus we wound the mind, body and soul

So what do we do? How do we do a somersault out of this cycle? How do we lead a Healthy life mind, body and soul?
This is where ASHTANGA has come up with unique solutions to pamper the mind, body and soul and get you out of the cycle.

K.S.Varier’s ASHTANGA Ayurveda Clinic presents you with the

Stress -Relief Packages tailor – made for you!!!

Manognya – Destress your Mind

Pamper your mind, relax and get out of the mental tension – recommended for those looking for a long term release from mental stress, anxiety and depression. Also recommended for those who would want to prevent mental stress and enhance your mind .

Karmya – Destress your Mind + Body

Pamper your mind and body, Relax your body along with your mind. This package is recommended for those who would want to escape the ever winding world of mental and physical stress, those who have an unexplained sense of tiredness but cannot relax. Those who want a helping hand to cope with Depression, Hypertension, Diabetes and sleeplessness all due to stress.

Ekagra – Destress your Mind + Body + Soul

The ultimate experience of letting go all your mental physical and emotional stress, A complete spiritual enhancement to pamper yourself because you deserve it. Take care of yourself like no other would. Recommended for those who have been undergoing deep levels of stress leading to pressure on your mind, body and your soul – the atma. Get out of your troubles, come out , a healed mind, body and soul altogether, recommended for everyone who would like to thank your mind, body and soul.

Visrama –  Instant relaxation

Short term, Immediate relaxation techniques which would help you to uncoil immediately. Recommended for those who are under severe acute pressure and who need to steam off immediately.

So go on…

Pamper yourself…

Get out of Stress for a lifetime of galore…

Hoping to see you healthy always…

Lovingly yours,



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