For External Use (10gm pack)
10 Gm Very Effective As A Balm In Headache, Cold, Stomatitis, Cough, Muscle & Joint Pain, Tooth Ache, ENT Problems Etc.,

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For Colds:
Apply over nose and throat, mix a little Sudhakalpam in boiling water and inhale the medicinal vapours.

For Toothache, Score Throat, Cough:
Gargle with water or warm coconut oil mixed with Sudhakalpam. For Toothache, take a piece of cotton dipped in Sudhakalpam to be placed on the affected area. For cough, apply Sudhakalpam on chest and throat and rub well.

For Sprain:
Apply externally and rub well.

For Headache:
Apply on forehead and relax.

Muscular Pain:
Rub Sudhakalpam on the affected portion and relax.
Ruptured skin on lips, Pimples and sore thumb:

Apply externally as often as possible.


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